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EF Contract®
Premium Carpet Tile Collection

An Unwavering Commitment To Quality & Performance

We are delighted to share the exciting news of our partnership between J&P Carpets and EF Contract Flooring, offering the finest commercial flooring solutions in Hong Kong.

Part of the fastest-growing, most progressive family of flooring companies, Engineered Floors.  EF Contract stands for confidence in quality, performance, and beautiful design.

EF Contracts offers the carpet and hard-surface flooring that you want and need, that you’ve been seeking but unable to find, until now.

Every collection, pattern, and colorway is created with best-in-class performance and in pursuit of a design that is simply beautiful.

Modular collection



Understated and artful, Fragments is inspired by pottery that uses crackle glaze as a decorative feature. A mid-to-large geometric pattern accented with a slight feathering texture that creates subtle shadows across the floor. Available in a 24″ x 24″ tile with four colors available.

Esprit + elan

Esprit + Elan

Elan is a dynamic, complex texture that uses tea stain space dye and metallic accents for interest. Esprit exudes energetic yet elegant styling. The pattern is an abstract blend of organic and geometric elements creating a spirited tension. Both patterns are available in 18” x 36” modular tiles in seven colorways.

ElanEsprit Brochure.jpg

spectra drift

Spectral Drift

Inspired by the brilliance of fractured light, Spectral Drift is designed to provoke a second glance. Proprietary yarn styling and texture enables the pattern to shift as hues gently intermingle, creating a change in perception from different vantage points. 

Available as an 18” x 36” modular tile, Spectral Drift offers a palette of 12 colors that includes blended neutral tones and carefully curated color which allows a designer to create subtle effects or add vibrancy with intense chroma.

Spectral Drift Brochure.jpg