Hand Tufted Area Rug

Planning to reward yourself with a luxury carpet for your living room or bedroom? look no further than a fine wool hand tufted rug.  

With nearly 30 years of experience in producing handtufted carpets for luxury hotels, commercials, and residentials, we provide the best quality rugs that you can find in Hong Kong and worldwide.

100% handmade from start to finish. Our hand-tufted wool carpets provide a luxurious feeling similar to hand-knotted carpets, yet a lot more affordable and with much less production time.  A properly maintained hand tufted carpet can last for 10-15 years, perfect for renovation and home staging. 


There is no limitation on the color choices or designs, and they can be made in all shapes and sizes. Choose from a wide variety of textures such as high or low cut/loop piles, tip shearing, carving, and many more.

All of our hand-tufted area rugs are custom-made. Every color and design element is customizable, making every rug a piece of art and truly one of its kind.

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What People Say about J&P Carpets
(From Google Review)

"After shopping around, we are glad to have ordered our custom made carpet from J&P.  Their service is excellent, guiding us on what materials, colors, and designs look great. We are very happy with the end product, and the price is reasonable for the high quality carpet. Our rug looks like a piece of art in our living room!"

Emily & Boon

"I ordered two rugs from J&P, the quality of them is excellent. I know nothing about carpet, but Mr. Wai is very patient in guiding me through the whole process."

Yu Michelle